How to Create a Virtual GSOC

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Originally Aired - Monday, September 11 12:30 PM - 12:50 PM Central Time (US & Canada)

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Title: How to Create a Virtual GSOC


The GSOC is considered the gold standard for physical security. For most organizations, however, the resources, hardware, and expertise needed for that level of round-the-clock security monitoring is much too costly. Because of this prohibitive cost, organizations normally don’t invest in a GSOC until they have 2,500 employees or more. 

Now, advancements in cloud- and AI-based technologies make it possible to create a “virtual GSOC”—one that maximizes existing resources and allows security personnel to cover more ground and monitor more cameras, and do so remotely from their mobile devices. Effectively leveraging cloud and AI enables even small security teams to have the impact of a GSOC. 

Learning Objective #1: Learn about the cloud and AI technologies changing the physical security paradigm by automating mundane tasks and decreasing the reliance on expensive hardware.

Learning Objective #2: Learn how to effectively implement cloud and AI technologies within security teams to cover more ground, achieve 24/7 monitoring, and maximize existing investments.

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