Better Operational Security Decision-Making with AI

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Originally Aired - Monday, September 11 11:00 AM - 11:20 AM Central Time (US & Canada)

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Title: Better Operational Security Decision-Making with AI


For a long time, security teams have been forced to operate in the dark—making decisions based on assumptions and relying on a limited amount of information. Security teams had to make critical decisions based on past experience and gut instinct, even as the threat landscape continued to quickly evolve.

But now, with AI solutions, we have the ability to measure everything and better understand how operational decisions affect human behavior and impact security. When it comes to making operational decisions (e.g., what tools to invest in, where to best post guards, or where to mount a camera), security teams now have the means to measure human behavior and use that data to make more effective operational decisions. 

Learning Objective #1: Find out how AI solutions can help measure security outcomes and factors that were—until now—difficult, if not impossible, to measure.

Learning Objective #2: Find out what is important to measure and which metrics security teams should be paying attention to.

Learning Objective #3: Gain insights and recommendations on which AI solutions are worth investing in and how to implement them effectively.

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