Why Geopolitics (and Geopolitical Risk) Matter in Enterprise Risk Management

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, September 12 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Central Time (US & Canada)

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Location: C147/C148/C154

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Title: Why Geopolitics (and Geopolitical Risk) Matter in Enterprise Risk Management


The geopolitical landscape is constantly evolving, and at times abruptly and swiftly, creating risk trends that can be difficult to identify and monitor as well as impact the range of opportunities that risk professionals and businesses face. Shifts in geopolitics can arise from a change in governments, terrorism, war, pandemic, or natural disaster, and these have tangible impacts on investments, operations, and staff well-being. In our hyper-connected business world, businesses will need to understand their geopolitical risk exposure as part of their enterprise risk management processes to reduce uncertainties and to navigate through potentially challenging environments. Thus, it is increasingly critical for risk professionals up and down the management chain to map risks to tangible outcomes.

Learning Objective #1: Define geopolitics and geopolitical risk in the context of enterprise risk management and why they matter.

Learning Objective #2: Define risk typologies: Incident, Exogenous and Thematic, and look at geopolitical risk warnings, indicators, and factors.

Learning Objective #3: Describe how utilizing geopolitical risks can lead to better decision-making, with an example in new market entry.

Type: All Access Education


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